The Financial Management Program (FMP), Broome CIRCLE offers many services that support people experiencing financial crisis. If you are in this situation, seeing a member of the Broome CIRCLE FMP team couldhelp to improve your personal financial situation and meet personal goals.  For example, we can offer strategies to reduce debt, learn more about the obligations and real costs involved in taking out loans and credit, or set up a savings plan for special occasions.

We have a team of people, with different financial support roles to help you meet your needs. We work in Broome and across the Broome Shire communities of Ardyaloon, Djarindjin, Beagle Bay and Bidyadanga.

You do not need an appointment to see one of our Financial Management Program workers. Just drop in between 8:30 and 10:30 am any Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Capability Workers

A Capability Worker can help you with:

  • Creating and managing a sustainable budget

  • Managing your bills and payments

  • Support and advocacy with other agencies such as Horizon Power or Homes West

  • Tips for saving and creating a savings plan

  • Information about bank accounts, fees and online banking

  • Setting up Centrepay payments

  • Support in accessing a No Interest Loan for essential household items and services

Broome CIRCLE’s Capability Workers are financial educators.  They can give you information and tips but not financial advice. In a one-on-one appointment, Capability Workers can help you work on a budget that shows your current situation. They can discuss your spending habits with you, with a view for making sure your money lasts you until the next payday and even increasing your ability to save.  Simple changes can mean the difference between making ends meet each fortnight and saving or not.

In addition to supporting you to improve your confidence and knowledge around money matters, Capability Workers can also advocate on your behalf, or provide referrals to get you supported by the service you need.

For more info visit Broome CIRCLE or call us on 9193 6425.

Financial Capability Workshops

Our Capability Workers facilitate workshops at Broome CIRCLE around managing household bills and budgeting, shopping cooking and cooking on a budget and even making your own low cost cleaning products. We can also tailor workshops to meet your needs if you have a group of participants who are seeking particular knowledge and skills.

For more info and upcoming workshops check us out on Facebook or contact the FMP Coordinator on 9193 6425

Financial Counsellors

Our Financial Counsellors can help you with your complex financial needs such as:

  • Support dealing with credit and debt issues

  • Negotiating affordable payment plans

  • Dealing with car or house repossession

  • Help getting debt collectors off your back

  • Superannuation queries

  • Accessing entitlements including insurance matters

  • Help sorting out deceased estates

Broome Circle offers financial counselling to people living in Broome and people in Beagle Bay, Djarindjin, Ardyaloon and Bidyadanga. Our Financial Counsellors are trained to listen to you in a non-judgmental manner, assess your financial situation and provide information, support and advocacy on your behalf. They cannot provide you with legal or investment advice.

Community Outreach

Each fortnight the FMP Outreach Team visits the communities of Dampier Peninsula and Bidyadanga.  On most occasions, both a Capability Worker and Financial Counsellor are present.

Beagle Bay (alternate Tuesdays at the Community Office) 9:30 – 1:30

Bidyadanga (alternate Wednesdays at the Library) 9:30 – 1:30

Djarindjin (alternate Tuesdays at the Telecentre) 10:00 – 3:00

Ardyaloon (alternate Wednesdays at the PM+C Office) 8:30 – 1:30

Broome Circle has wonderful WA Nils Volunteers who can assist you to complete an application for a No Interest Loan for essential household goods or services. All new applicants should attend our WA Nils information session, held every Thursday at 1:00pm.

For more information see WA Nils Website: Link to WA Nils website:

WA Nils
(No Interest Loans) assessment and support

Tax Help (eligibility criteria applies)

Between July and October Broome Circle offers assistance to low income earners (less than $55,000) to complete their tax returns as part of the Tax Help Program (link to ATO tax help). This is done through MyGov, so people accessing this service must be registered for MyGov and have the ATO linked. Appointments for this service are limited.