About Broome CIRCLE

Broome CIRCLE was formed in 1982 by a group of women in response to the isolation they experienced living away from extended families. They created Broome CIRCLE to connect with and support one another.  Incorporated in 1988, Broome CIRCLE began by extending programming to families, providing key community services and social support across the Shire. In the late 1990s, Broome CIRCLE won a tender to provide financial management and financial capability services to people in financial crisis in the area. More recently, Broome CIRCLE has been funded to coordinate the Broome Volunteer Resource Service.

Visions and Values

Our vision is to see Broome CIRCLE  in the forefront of developing a vibrant, cohesive, happy, thriving, welcoming community.

Our purpose is to build a stronger and more inclusive community through connecting people, encouraging collaboration, supporting initiatives and exchanging skills.


Our Vision and Values

We aim to build an inclusive community which fosters

Belonging and participation – the whole community has an equal opportunity to be involved

Respect – different views, backgrounds and ideas are all worthy of respect

Empowerment – building the capacity of vulnerable groups to participate and contribute in decision making

Collective action – doing things together that make a difference

Communication – open and honest dialogue; acknowledging different needs and building trust.

Sustainability – looking to our future and acknowledging that we are caretakers of our community for coming generations.

Committee of Management

Brendan Renkin (Chairperson)
Sue Fraser (Treasurer)
Yolande Ledgerwood
Mohini Dohnt
Julie Barr
Jael Johnson
Luisa Pearce
Suraya Bin Talib


Our Staff
Denisa Konecny - Executive Officer
Bronwyn Hall - Program Coordinator
Jacqui Yu - Administration
Lisa Spicer - Administration
Bronwyn Jones - Office Manager

Financial Management Program Staff
Alan Gray - Financial Counsellor
Lorraine Greechan - Financial Counsellor
Tania McKenzie - Financial Capability Worker
Carmel Pratley - Financial Capability Worker
Sonja Gobel - Financial Capability Worker
Vacant - FMP Support Officer

Community Development Team
Bec Neufeld - Community Development Coordinator
Ashlee Jenal - Volunteer Resource Service Officer

Maggie Yu - BELC Coordinator
Santi Luttgens - Educator
Maggie Yu - Educator
Jen Ward - BELC Admin

More about Broome

The Shire of Broome LGA incorporates the Broome and Roebuck Statistical Areas. It is located 2,200 kilometres from Perth and covers an area of 56,000km. The 2011 census revealed that Broome had a SEIFA (Socio Economic Index for Areas) classification of ‘less disadvantage’ (4th highest decile), but Roebuck as a whole is classified as a region of ‘Most Disadvantage’ and falls into the lowest decile. The 2016 census is likely to reveal a drop in the Broome SEIFA ranking as the region is currently in an economic downturn following the collapse of the proposed gas project at Tom Price Point. Nonetheless, these data reveal the diversity and inequality of the population in the Broome Shire.

Despite the economic uncertainties, growth of Broome Shire is expected to continue. The Shire projects population to grow from the current 17,000 to between 27,000 and 43,000 by 2036, suggesting a high degree of uncertainty around growth. Two salient characteristics of the population are its enormous growth during the dry season to over 40,000, and its transient nature. Also, nearly half the population were not living in the region five years earlier.

Broome is an extremely culturally diverse Shire. Close to 30% of the population is Aboriginal and more than 5% speak a language other than English at home.

Housing affordability is a significant issue in the region. In 2011, 1,877 people were homeless in the Kimberley region – 10 times the WA average rate.